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Food Safety and Storage for Emergency Preparedness

Food Safety and Storage for Emergency Preparedness

In uncertain times like tornadoes, ice storms, flooding, blizzards, power outages, or unexpected illnesses that might restrict your access to groceries, having a reliable emergency food storage plan becomes paramount. At Chillz Refrigerated Trailer Rentals, we understand the importance of being prepared for such situations, which is why our Mobile Refrigerated Trailer and Mobile Refrigeration Rental services are here to ensure your peace of mind.

Safe Food Tips

  • Hand Hygiene: Always start by washing your hands before handling food.
  • Food Containers: Avoid consuming foods from damaged containers to prevent potential contamination.
  • Food Hygiene: Keep all foods clean and sanitary.
  • Temperature Control: Ensure cold foods remain cold, and hot foods stay hot.
  • Canning Safety: If you’re dealing with home-canned, low-acid vegetables and meats, remember to boil them for the recommended duration based on your altitude.
  • Timely Consumption: Don’t leave cooked or opened canned foods at room temperature for more than two hours.

Plan an Emergency Food Supply

To keep your food safe and free from food-borne illnesses, it’s essential to know what foods to store and how to handle them during emergencies.

Experts recommend maintaining a three-day supply of food and water per person. Stock up on foods that require no refrigeration and that your family normally enjoys, including favorite treats. Avoid excessively salty foods to minimize thirst. Opt for single servings or one-meal sizes to avoid leftovers since refrigeration may not be available.

Canned foods are a fantastic option as they have a long shelf life and can serve as both the container and the cooking vessel. Just remember to remove the label before heating, and avoid placing metal cans in the microwave.

Temporary Refrigeration Solution with Chillz

However, we understand that sometimes, commercial refrigeration or freezers may fail during emergencies. In such cases, finding a temporary solution is crucial. That’s where Chillz Refrigerated Trailer Rentals come in. Our Refrigerated Trailers offer a reliable way to store your perishable items when your regular refrigeration is unavailable. Whether it’s due to a power outage or any other emergency, our trailers can provide the cold storage you need to keep your food safe and fresh. Rent a mobile refrigerated trailer today!

Food Storage

Here are some foods recommended for storage:

  • Water: Ensure you have one gallon per person per day for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene.
  • Ready-to-eat canned foods: This includes vegetables, fruits, beans, meats, fish, poultry, meat mixtures, and pasta.
  • Soups: Canned or “dried soups in a cup.”
  • Smoked or dried meats: Consider commercial beef jerky.
  • Dried fruits and vegetables: Options like raisins and fruit leather.
  • Juices: Whether they are vegetable or fruit juices, make sure you have them bottled, canned, or powdered.
  • Milk: Go for powdered, canned, or evaporated milk.
  • Staples: Stock up on sugar, salt, pepper, instant potatoes, rice, coffee, tea, and cocoa mix.
  • Breakfast Options: Include ready-to-eat cereals, instant hot cereals, crackers, and hard taco shells.
  • High-energy Foods: Think peanut butter, jelly, nuts, trail mix, and granola bars.
  • Snacks: Don’t forget cookies, hard candy, chocolate bars, soft drinks, and other snacks.

Ensure you have one or two manual can openers in your emergency food supply. For indoor heating of canned foods, use canned heat like Sterno, while charcoal grills, hibachis, and camp stoves should only be used outdoors.

Temporary Refrigeration Solution with Chillz

In case your commercial refrigeration or freezer fails during an emergency, don’t panic. Chillz Refrigerated Trailer Rentals has you covered. Our Refrigerated Trailers are available for rent, providing a reliable solution to store your perishable items when regular refrigeration is unavailable. Whether it’s due to a power outage or any other emergency, our trailers can provide the cold storage you need to keep your food safe and fresh.

The Food Storage Area

It’s crucial to establish a suitable food storage area. Ideally, this area should maintain a temperature above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that cooler storage areas prolong the quality and nutrient retention of your stored items.

Moreover, your storage area should remain dry, with humidity levels below 15 percent, and should be adequately ventilated to prevent moisture condensation on packaging materials. Avoid storing food directly on the floor; use shelves that are 2-3 feet above the ground. Regularly rotate and date your food supply every 6-12 months to ensure freshness. Additionally, seal cracks and crevices in the storage area to minimize hiding spots for insects and rodents.

Remember not to place electrical equipment such as freezers, furnaces, or hot water heaters in the storage area, as they can raise the temperature and potentially compromise your stored goods.

(Source: Front Range Healthy Lifestyles Issues Team, Colorado State University Extension, 1999)

Food Storage Containers

Only store food in containers designated for food-grade use, ensuring they won’t transfer non-food chemicals into your food or pose health hazards. Containers such as trash or garbage bags, paint or solvent cans, industrial plastics, and fiber barrels used for non-food purposes are not suitable for food storage.

If you’re unsure whether a container is food-grade, it’s safer not to use it. Contact the manufacturer to confirm a container’s suitability for food use.

When packaging dried foods, opt for airtight, moisture-proof, and insect-proof containers like glass jars or plastic freezer boxes or bags. Metal cans with tight-fitting lids can also be used, but it’s advisable to place dried food in a plastic bag before sealing it in a metal can. Store dried foods in small amounts to prevent moisture absorption, and keep them in a dry, cool, and dark place. Lower temperatures extend the shelf life of dried products, while exposure to humidity or air can reduce it.

Temporary Refrigeration Solution with Chillz

In situations where your commercial refrigeration or freezer has failed, Chillz Refrigerated Trailer Rentals offers a practical solution. Renting one of our refrigerated trailers ensures that your perishable items remain safe and well-preserved until your regular refrigeration is back in service.

Food Safety: Perishables

During power outages, the safety of perishable foods becomes a concern. Bacteria that thrive at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit pose the most significant risk of foodborne illnesses.

Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to retain cold air. Refrigerated items should stay safe for about 4-6 hours without power, while a full freezer can preserve foods for about two days, and a half-full freezer for about one day. If frozen foods still have ice crystals and the freezer temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, you can safely refreeze or cook and consume the food. However, discard any perishable items that have been stored above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 or more hours or exhibit unusual odors, colors, or textures.

Always prioritize safety and avoid tasting potentially compromised food. Harmful bacteria and toxins may be present without any noticeable signs.

Water Storage

Don’t forget to store one gallon of water per person per day for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene during emergencies. You can obtain safe water from bottled sources, tap water stored in sterilized containers, uncontaminated water drained from your hot water heater or plumbing system, or water you purify after an emergency.

For more information on water storage and safety, contact your local Health Department.


  • USDA Meat & Poultry Hotline: 1-800-535-4555
  • Federal Consumer Y2K Helpline: 1-888-872-4925

Reliable Solutions

Chillz Refrigerated Trailer Rentals is your trusted partner in providing reliable refrigeration solutions in the regions of Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, and their surrounding areas. Our company specializes in offering top-quality Mobile Refrigerated Trailer and Mobile Refrigeration Rental services. Whether you’re a business in need of emergency cold storage, an event planner requiring refrigeration for an outdoor event, or an individual facing unexpected refrigeration challenges, Chillz has you covered. Our refrigerated trailers are available for rent, ensuring that your perishable items remain fresh and safe in any situation. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on serving our local communities, Chillz Refrigerated Trailer Rentals is your go-to source for all your refrigeration needs in Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, and beyond.

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