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Category: Refrigerated Trailer Blogs

What Is A Reefer Trailer?

What is a Reefer Trailer? A reefer trailer, in the world of trucking, is a specialized refrigerated trailer designed to

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Refrigerated Trailers or Refrigerated Trucks

When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive goods, you might wonder whether to opt for a refrigerated truck or a refrigerated

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What Should You Do If Your Restaurant Refrigerator Breaks Down?

Rent a Mobile Refrigerated Trailer In the fast-paced world of restaurants, a malfunctioning refrigerator can spell disaster. The last thing

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Emergency Refrigeration: Keeping Your Goods Cool When It Matters Most

Picture this: you’re running a restaurant, catering for a major event, or simply stocking up on groceries for your family.

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Keeping It Cool: Why Small Refrigerated Trailers Are Perfect for Weddings and Events

If you’re planning a wedding or event in Idaho, New Mexico, or Utah, you know that managing the logistics can

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